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glad and different

>> Thursday, 28 February 2013

i've skipped all my 2012 adventure and out of the blue, i opened this blog and look at all the goofy stuffs i wrote. it was hilarious for me :)) and i cant believe the difference and the progress i've made with my life

i'm still gonna list it all
1) i am now 16 (going 17 this Year)
2) i am now studying in Singapore , studying my diploma
3) i've dated for the 2nd time ( i really miss out writing good and the bad stuff that happen in 2012)
but all that i can sum out from my relationship, on 14/06/2012 i officially have my 1st relationship, it only lasted for 4months because i guess i'm the bad guy over here.

Now, i am on a relationship with nicholas s. and i hope that me and him would lasted for quite a while or might as well get old together, till now i still dont believe by the word "forever"
moving on...,
 to all the blogwalker out there, thanks for visiting my blog, i know its probably dead.. but since i'm in singapore i have more spare time :). so thanks everyone. you're at most loved :)


Blogging, something nostalgic that you just can't get over

>> Monday, 24 October 2011

Well this is a bit awkward, so this is a recap of what i've done before i posted this newest post
1st) something popped in my head that i've tried to forget , Blogging
2nd) the last time i post was probably grade 9, term 3 (yes folks, i am now a petite grade 10 student)
3rd) Nostalgic Moment came and sprayed me with memories.

i realize this is something that I'm gonna do and stop for every recurring months but i can assure everyone that no matter how many times i've stopped , i will always tried my best to post newer post so that future 'griffin' (yes! you in 2012 you are going to be in college so congrats and i know i can pass chemistry with determination Hi-5! ;))

So , blog is just like Memory Lane , ive regretted erasing my previous post from secondary 1 but i was just so what you call ALAY you can never read the post cause i popped up too much picture (none of you can handle but words too so you're probably gonna skip the word and on to pictures )

Before i deleted the pictures i might want to share some moments i have during 2011,

It's the same old buddies , left to right : ferlin , winny and me (i've grown my hair)
Venue: Secondary 4 truth (best class ever)


i don't blog for a while, its just april...

>> Wednesday, 6 April 2011

recap on the past few weeks:
-my seating arrangement was moved to group 1 (rory,margie, cherry and tjandra)
-this table (hate to say it) is def. more fun than the previous
-i have tickets to go to usa with mom ;)
-bruno mars had a concert but i can't attend cause parents thought it's dangerous and i'm underage!!!
-i got some good boys-mate. rhino,gorilla,duck,platypus and more hahahaha
-i just move to sinotif

  its HARD.... when my heart <3 fought against my fucked-up brains!!!!

today its just a busy day, normal...,calm...., oh god i don't have a thing to say... see it's fucked-up when i got good story and just lazy to wrote it down here!!! :(


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